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Solar Energy

We invest in businesses providing solar panels and building solar farms in Africa

Wind Energy

Wind Energy is among the most expensive renewable energy ventures. We finance wind power projects in the communities.

Hydro Power

Hydro power is the most common power source in Africa. EV Africa finances last mile hydro power projects in the communities.

Bio Energy

We develop Bio Energy projects. These projects produce energy from biomass. These include Bio Gas projects for domestic and institutional use.

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MUSK Energy

Musk Energy is an independent investment, financing and management company that has a focus on initiating and developing renewable energy across the African Region. Our unique approach ensures that our projects meet the social, economic and environmental sustainability bottomline.

Project Development

We identify potential energy projects and develop them into large reckoning forces in the community.

We develop renewable energy projects right from conception, planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation. We basically make it happen.

Project Development

Project Implementation

Training and Consultancy

Musk Energy specializes in providing Training services to individuals and corporate in the field of Renewable energy.

We also offer consultancy services for renewable energy projects, to assist with planning, implementation and evaluation.

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Research & Transfer

Musk Energy is a driving force towards creating bridges between high and low energy technological gaps in Africa.

At Musk Energy, we also support technology from the research stage by providing research funds on high-potential projects in Africa.

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Renewable Energy Investments

We identify potential energy projects and finance them to become large reckoning forces in the community. We have various investment strategies that ensure that every entrepreneur and the community at large have sufficient inclusion …Read more

Debt Finance

Musk Energy supports renewable energy project through short term and medium term loan facilities. 

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Equity Finance

We finance large capital intensive project through long term private Equity stocks and shares.

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Venture Capital

We fund researches, ideas and start ups focusing on renewable and sustainable energy.

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