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Technology Research & Transfer

Technology Research

EV Africa has expansive knowledge and experience in renewable energy. This experience makes us the best people to entrust with your ideas, and eventually commercialize it and take it out to the masses in Africa.

We understand that great projects and products materialize from good ideas. We take these ideas and nurture them into high impacting projects that create massive impact in the continent.

At EV Africa, we take the initiative of providing funding, technological expertise and knowledge exchange for scientists and researchers in the field of renewable energy.

Technology Transfer

Technology transfer is the process of disseminating technology from the person or organization that owns or holds it to another person or organization as a way of ensuring that the technology spread its reach.

Our main focus is to ensure that the already tested and applied renewable energy technology products reaches the below the pyramid masses in Africa, and creates change. We also ensure that this technology is effective and affordable for the African markets. We offer technology transfer in energy sector in two ways; Horizontal and Vertical Technology Transfer.

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